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When You See the Red Sea

When You See the Red Sea

Toyosi Onikosi

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When You See The Red Sea tells the story of Tireni. An eight-year-old who is greatly loved by her parents and granny. Her granny, who she fondly calls Maami is a fantastic storyteller. She wields the power of storytelling to help Tireni believe in herself and overcome her fears.

Using a biblical allegory, Toyosi Onikosi seeks to encourage young readers to face their fears and trust in the omniscient power of God.


Page Count: 32 pages
Published: April 6, 2022
Publisher: Edpro Limited
Dimensions: 8.27 x 0.08 x 11.69 inches
ISBN - 978-9789901906


Toyosi Onikosi is a lawyer, teacher, aspiring chef and writer, who teaches children maths, arts, spelling, the Bible and more. She believes in the power of books and her 2016 Happy Explorers Project which encourages children to read more was finalist at the Harvard MUN Social Venture Challenge.

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