Welcome to Householder Books

Parents want their children to reach their highest physical, mental, and spiritual potential, and they know that fostering a love for knowledge, learning, imagination, and curiosity is a part of the process.

However, in knowing what resources are beneficial and engaging, they could use some help. There are so many books out there, both helpful and unhelpful, and it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the sea of resources.

What if there was someone to help them navigate this sea of resources? What if there was a place to find good recommendations so parents can get value for their money?

Yes, please!

Householder Books seeks to be the go-to source for culturally relevant and globally competent resources for the whole family. Besides Householder Publishing titles, we stock a range of delightful and inspiring books and resources (e.g. toys, software, games) from trusted partners.

We are faith-backed and black-owned and our shop selection will reflect our desire to amplify fresh African voices, who create culturally relevant resources that celebrate the African heritage, inspire hope, and can empower children as they grow and prepare to participate on the world stage.

Also, a portion of proceeds from Householder Books go into empowering Africa-facing nonprofits. We seek to be a voice of trust, making available helpful resources at reasonable cost. 

Householder Books is a division of Householder Publishing LLC. Welcome!