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Fivantu: How little became really big!

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Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have much?
What if your little gift can make a great impact?

What if your little gift can make a great impact? After school one day, Fivantu and his dog, Kalev joined his dad and thousands of other people on the grassy outskirts of Bethsaida, where they listened to Jesus speak about God's kingdom.

When it became dark and everyone was hungry, Fivantu look at his lunch box and had an idea. But what good would that be with a huge crowd? Loosely set in the first century and based on biblical history, Fivantu’s story of courage and faith hopes to inspire young readers to see that in Jesus’ hands, little can become really big!

Fivantu is set to release Spring of 2023.


Category: Children's Book
Page Count: TBD
Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in
Published: Upcoming April 2023


Toluwanimi Babarinde is a visual storyteller and missionary creative. He trained as a physician, and a public health specialist, and coordinates large health interventions in the United States. He founded Householder Publishing LLC to amplify fresh African voices and use creative tools to tell transformative stories that delight, inspire, and empower the young and the young at heart. He has written Snippets: Behind the Scenes, Joyride, and Donut: Secrets to a fulfilled Life. He lives in Henderson, Nevada.

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