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Faithful - Fridge Magnet

Faithful - Fridge Magnet

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Get this encouraging fridge magnet for your home, or send this encouraging word to someone. Buy singles or as a pack.

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Resilience in humans is often described as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness. It doesn't mean you do not face difficulties, nor does it mean that bouncing back is quick and easy. It takes time, strength, and help from within, above, and from people around you.

Whenever I read Romans 12:12, I cannot help but feel like this is an above component of the recipe for developing resilience. Being joyful in hope that the difficulty is not the end of you, being patient enough to grow through the process into purpose, and being faithful to the One who has formed you, who loves you and is able to see you through, is a great place to start the journey of resilience.

Here is my conclusion - Deploy all the resources available to you. God has given you all the resources within, and around you that you need — in the place of prayer and the word, in reflection and evaluation, in a community of great friends, in therapy, in helpful books or courses, and more! Everything you need is embedded in your story. Get out of the fear cycle, and stop believing everything is so hard.

You can do it. You can bounce back. I know you will.


Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches
Style: Flat Magnetic base


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