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Ọmọ dáada ni mí

Ọmọ dáada ni mí

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Introducing “Ọmọ dáada ni mí,” a bilingual book for parents and children.

The Yoruba word "dáada" has a rich meaning that goes beyond its literal English translation of "good." It encompasses virtues such as obedience, politeness, kindness, and faithfulness - qualities that parents model and teach their children.

This book follows a day in the life of a family like yours as they navigate the routines of their lives, and learn the beauty of goodness, time and season.

“Ọmọ dáada ni mí,” will add to the collection of bilingual books for African children across the world. We hope it will serve as a motivation and as a guide for more parents to invest in teaching their children their indigenous languages.

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Category: Children's Book
Page Count: 40
Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in
Published: August 2023
Age range: 3-7 years


About the Author:
Ayomide Enakerakpo is a devoted wife, and mother who works as a Security Engineer at Google. Her passion for helping others live their best lives and pursue a higher purpose is clear in her work as a motivational speaker and social entrepreneur, empowering young African ladies in technology fields. She is also a language enthusiast and uses this book to teach children to speak and understand the Yoruba language. She lives in New York with her family.

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